Friday, November 30, 2012


November is almost over so I better get one more post in!  For Thanksgiving we went to Sis. Pearce's house.  It was great.  Good food, good company, fun times!

We are so grateful for such great friends and family! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Zzzz Zzzz...

The other day I picked up Marcus from Busy Bee's (the co-op preschool we've been doing with a couple of Marcus' friends), and I said, "Okay, let's go home, eat some lunch, and then everyone needs to take a nap." After lunch Marcus walked himself to his bed (well, technically it's Caleb's but most nights they're both in that bed anyway), tucked himself in and went to sleep. Simple as that.

Nap time is not usually a struggle at our house. Some days Marcus doesn't even need it a nap. But it was just so strange for him to put himself to sleep in his bed, all cuddled in the blankets. Marcus usually prefers to nap on the couch... or on top the cozy coupe, or at the dining table, or any other strange place he can curl up. And usually he doesn't even need a blanket.  Even when it's freezing out Marcus sleeps in his underwear on top of the blankets.

It was so precious to see him all cozy and snoozing.  I was shocked and then thought, "Well, I did say after lunch everyone needs to take a nap."

It was a wonderful afternoon :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Say What!?!

Mommy is actually putting up a new blog post!

Oh me, Oh my! Can it really be true?

Oooooo, I think it is true.

Ee he he he, I'm so excited!

Ah! And she might actually put up more posts before the month is over?!

Mmmmm. And you'll get to see more of this cute face.

Okay. So. Come this way.

Follow me!!!

Come back soon and witness the unbelievable act of multiple posts in one month!! Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My growing munchkin...

Remember this picture:

The one you've been staring at for the last 7 1/2 months??? Well, here's a more updated shot of what Miss Claire-Marie looks like:

Still not completely current, these were taken back in March.

She actually has teeth now. Six of them, with at least two others on their way.

But as you can see, she's getting quite grown up.

And still has gorgeous hair.

And can eat without getting food stuck all over her face (usually).

I just love this little munchkin!

Long locks lost...

Recently I went to the grocery store and Marcus was decked out in his Spiderman costume, complete with mask. We received lots of comments on how adorable he was. One mom said to her kids as we passed, "Look how cute! He's dressed as Spiderman!" And I heard one child reply as we kept on our way, "Mom, I think that's a girl." I looked at Marcus and noticed how his long hair peeked out from under the mask.

Another time, also at the grocery store, as we waiting in line to check out, the child seated in the shopping cart in front of us stared and stared and stared at Marcus before finally asking, "Is that a boy or a girl?" At that point his hair was not tremendously long, but I don't think it helped that we had painted finger and toe nails that week :)

Whenever Caleb's hair gets long I'm always hesitant to cut it because I think he looks good with a little bit of length.  Then I'd cut it and look at pictures from before and think, "Why do I always wait so long to cut his hair.  He looks much better with a nice clean haircut."  Caleb's hair has never reached this length.

But I have to say, Marcus can pull of the long shaggy hair better than Caleb.  Caleb just doesn't have the right kind of face for it.  When I'd look at pictures of Marcus with his hair short I would think, "I actually like it better longer."

But alas, the time has come for Marcus to be able to see again.

I like his hair short... He looks so handsome and grown up.  He looks nice and tidy when it's time for church.

But I do miss his long hair. 

Maybe when he grows a bit older and can learn to keep it out of his eyes a little better...