Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I got an exciting package a couple weeks ago.  SHOES!!! Not for me, but for my sweet baby girl.  I've been on the hunt for some shoes for her, but couldn't find what I was looking for.  And when I thought there was no hope...


I had pictured her wearing sandals exactly like those. Thank you Margene for saving the day! (And thank you Faith and Kenna for sharing your no-longer needed shoes with us!)

There were a couple other awesome pairs in the package too!  I'll have to share those later :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Caleb called me from his room the other day and showed me how he "decorated" his room.

It kind of looks like things might just be thrown wherever, but one must know what it usually looks like to then recognize the attention he has given to each detail.

I just noticed the blue ring carefully placed on the side of the bookcase while looking at the above photo:

He stood up cards and pictures I had just sitting in a pile waiting to be put up:

(Caleb and Scarlett)

Not sure what these are, but again, carefully placed:

Notice the fire-streamer-thingies (yes, that's their technical names) draped carefully on each side:

Kids are just so dang cute.  The new things they do.  The things they learn.  The personalities that shine through.

Just last night Caleb was cleaning up the playroom.  He showed me how he sorted everything.  I mean, I'm still trying to find a permanent place fore everything, and although not everything has a home, there are certain things that go in certain places... and Caleb knows that for the most part.  But I guess what impressed me the most was that he used the word "sort,"  and then made a new home for most things.  But he definitely did sort them.  And he explained his whole process to me.   The balls go over here, and the stuffed animals go over here, and the hard things go here (there were lots that fell within that category).

He's been such a big helper lately.  He cleans with a smile on his face.  Sometimes he gets mad when you try to help him clean up.  And then, at times, he gets a taste of how mom feels, when he works so hard to clean up... and Marcus comes along... and in one fell swoop... well, you know the rest. 

C'est la vie.

The Gift...

Since it's National Sewing Month, I decided that Scarlett's birthday gift should be something sewn. I saw these cute shorts and thought I'd try them out:

The instructions did not have exact measurements, plus I was trying to make it for a 5 year old instead of a baby, but I think they turned out alright.  If I had a bit more time (and more energy and patience) I would've tweaked them a bit.

I asked Caleb if he would try them on so I could see if how they fit.  His sudden reply was "Those are for girls!"  I did everything I could to try to convince him.  I told him no one would know, only mommy would see, I tried to bribe him... but no.  He knew better.  

I paired it with a cute top I found and a bracelet I made:

I bought yarn with the intention of making a bracelet like this:

...but it just wasn't looking right with the yarn I got.  So I did my own design.  It was simple to make.  I made a large chain (didn't count, just measured it twice the size of the finished bracelet, plus a little more to add room for the twists) and then went back and did a row of double crochets.  Then I folded it in half and made it twist with itself.  Just tacked it together with a couple of stitches to help it hold it's shape and fastened it off with a button embellishment.

Hope she likes it!

Fun at a Birthday Party...

Caleb got invited to an awesome birthday party at Bricks 4 Kidz.  It was for a girl from his preschool class.  Caleb had a great time.  Tons and tons of legos... what more could a little boy wish for!?

I was excited to take him because I knew how much fun he would have, and also because I was excited for him to see his classmate, Scarlett, again.  The two of them are so cute together.

Sadly she doesn't go to the same elementary school so this is the first they've seen each other in months.  But kids are great that way.  They played as if not a day had gone by.

Lately, Caleb's been a little sensitive at times (still adjusting to full days of school and what not),  and he got really upset when a little boy took something he was playing with.  I tried consoling him with no success, but when Scarlett saw how sad he was she did everything she could to make him feel better.  She went and found some other cool pieces just for him.  He felt better after that.

I loved how they spent the majority of the time playing together.

There were so many fun activities for the kids to do.  They did scavenger hunts for candy and lego cars in the big lego tables:

On your mark, get set....


The each got to build their own mini figure.  They raced their lego cars:

They had a zip line set up for the minifigures:

(Caleb's minifigure getting ready for the ride)

And lots more fun things!  Even Claire had a good time just watching all the excitement.

(just woke up from a power nap)(feeling more awake)

When it was time for cake the birthday girl was not happy that her seat was not next to Caleb, but as the birthday girl she had a special seat in front of the birthday cake.  I thought it was cute.  That's what these two are together... cute.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Sewing Month...

It's that time of year again!  Sewing Month!  I have many projects in mind that I'd like to do... we'll see what actually gets done with in the month, but for starter's I'll share a project with you that I'm so excited about.  I actually made this back in July but I think as part of sewing month I'll blog about some past sewing projects as well as some current.

Caleb's Scripture Bag:

I had been thinking up the design for Caleb's scripture bag for a bit before I actually made it.  I was so excited to put it together.  It was Saturday evening and I was trying to finish the last little bit before I went to bed.  I was getting tired and debated whether or not to call it a night or finish up.  I decided I had to finish because I couldn't wait for a whole week till the next Sunday for him to take his new bag with him.  So I pushed through and got it all ready.  Then next morning I was so excited to show him.  I put his Book of Mormon in along with a little hymn book that he loves to keep with him.  I also put in his scripture pencils he'd gotten from the bishop for his birthday.

I was happy to see him share in my excitement.  Then we all finished getting ready and piled into the car to head for church.  We were about a minute or two out when I turned to Caleb and said "Where is your scripture bag?"  His reply... "Aw, I forgot it!"   WHAT!?  And we were already running late. I was so excited to get it done, and I stayed up just to finish it!  Even though we were running late... I made Darren turn around so we could go back and get it :)

There are so many things I love about his bag, but my favorite part is that it's made out of Daddy's old clothes.  A dress shirt and a pair of jeans that had holes in them:

I also love the Angel Moroni on the front and his initials on the back (freezer paper stenciled... I'll share more freezer paper projects later!):

The front flap has hidden magnetic closures:

The back flap is actually a pocket:

And there's a pocket hidden on the inside as well:

Look at this stud!  When we got to church he was showing everyone his new bag.  It made me so happy to know he really does love it as much as I do!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hurricane Irene...

(Aug 26)

It was a very crazy week for us. Getting settled after vacation, having summer come to an end, school starting! And on top of all that a hurricane threat. We were lucky to have the hurricane change course and miss us completely, but it sure made for an interesting walk to the bus stop.

Looking down one end of the street you see gloomy black clouds:

And down at the other end was clear blue sky:

Satellite image:

Side by side comparison:

The weather that day was actually quite nice considering a hurricane potentially was supposed to come wipe our house out. About a half hour after dropping Caleb off it started pouring but that only lasted about 10 minutes.

And it sprinkled a little bit through out the day:

(going to pick up Caleb at the bus stop)

But not much:

(waiting for Caleb sans umbrella)

I'm so grateful that we are safe and everything turned out fine, but it was a nice reminder to work on our emergency preparedness.

Kindergarten Begins!!!

(Aug 24&26)

Can't believe my baby boy is getting so big and so grown up. He's starting a new phase in his life which will be the biggest part of his life for years and years to come.

Every time I see a newborn baby I can't believe how small they are and how small we all start off. Caleb, not even 6 pounds, seemed so small and fragile. He'll never be that small again. They only get bigger! Now my 36 pound baby is not so small and fragile anymore. He's becoming more independent than I'm ready for.

Although there are times where he is eager to push his independence (like wanting to cook dinner all by himself with absolutely no help, or going to the bathroom by himself when we're in the opposite corner of the store), it surprised me that this always-so-confident boy had just the tiniest bit of nerves just before he got on the school bus for the first time.

I was a bit nervous myself. I knew that everything would be fine, but it's a big step for us both to take. Caleb went to preschool last year, but that was nothing compared to kindergarten. He was dropped off and picked up right at his classroom. It was 3 hours long. He came home for lunch. Now he eats lunch at school. He's gone for 7 hour. And I send him away on the bus.

As we waited for the bus that first morning he asked me how he was going to find his classroom. I explained to him that if he couldn't remember he had a name tag on that he could show anyone and they would help him find his way.

It all happened so fast. Didn't really get the pictures I wanted. Didn't get a hug and kiss before he boarded the bus. I didn't even get to wave goodbye, and then he was gone.

(coming home from the hospital)

I anxiously awaited for my baby to come home. I watched the clock all day to make sure I was back at the bus stop on time. The day went very slow.

(coming home from school)

And then he was back. We had both survived. Not that I had to worry about him, I knew he'd do great. And he did.

And so this new chapter in our lives begins...