Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kindergarten Begins!!!

(Aug 24&26)

Can't believe my baby boy is getting so big and so grown up. He's starting a new phase in his life which will be the biggest part of his life for years and years to come.

Every time I see a newborn baby I can't believe how small they are and how small we all start off. Caleb, not even 6 pounds, seemed so small and fragile. He'll never be that small again. They only get bigger! Now my 36 pound baby is not so small and fragile anymore. He's becoming more independent than I'm ready for.

Although there are times where he is eager to push his independence (like wanting to cook dinner all by himself with absolutely no help, or going to the bathroom by himself when we're in the opposite corner of the store), it surprised me that this always-so-confident boy had just the tiniest bit of nerves just before he got on the school bus for the first time.

I was a bit nervous myself. I knew that everything would be fine, but it's a big step for us both to take. Caleb went to preschool last year, but that was nothing compared to kindergarten. He was dropped off and picked up right at his classroom. It was 3 hours long. He came home for lunch. Now he eats lunch at school. He's gone for 7 hour. And I send him away on the bus.

As we waited for the bus that first morning he asked me how he was going to find his classroom. I explained to him that if he couldn't remember he had a name tag on that he could show anyone and they would help him find his way.

It all happened so fast. Didn't really get the pictures I wanted. Didn't get a hug and kiss before he boarded the bus. I didn't even get to wave goodbye, and then he was gone.

(coming home from the hospital)

I anxiously awaited for my baby to come home. I watched the clock all day to make sure I was back at the bus stop on time. The day went very slow.

(coming home from school)

And then he was back. We had both survived. Not that I had to worry about him, I knew he'd do great. And he did.

And so this new chapter in our lives begins...

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