Monday, September 19, 2011

The Gift...

Since it's National Sewing Month, I decided that Scarlett's birthday gift should be something sewn. I saw these cute shorts and thought I'd try them out:

The instructions did not have exact measurements, plus I was trying to make it for a 5 year old instead of a baby, but I think they turned out alright.  If I had a bit more time (and more energy and patience) I would've tweaked them a bit.

I asked Caleb if he would try them on so I could see if how they fit.  His sudden reply was "Those are for girls!"  I did everything I could to try to convince him.  I told him no one would know, only mommy would see, I tried to bribe him... but no.  He knew better.  

I paired it with a cute top I found and a bracelet I made:

I bought yarn with the intention of making a bracelet like this:

...but it just wasn't looking right with the yarn I got.  So I did my own design.  It was simple to make.  I made a large chain (didn't count, just measured it twice the size of the finished bracelet, plus a little more to add room for the twists) and then went back and did a row of double crochets.  Then I folded it in half and made it twist with itself.  Just tacked it together with a couple of stitches to help it hold it's shape and fastened it off with a button embellishment.

Hope she likes it!

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