Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Sewing Month...

It's that time of year again!  Sewing Month!  I have many projects in mind that I'd like to do... we'll see what actually gets done with in the month, but for starter's I'll share a project with you that I'm so excited about.  I actually made this back in July but I think as part of sewing month I'll blog about some past sewing projects as well as some current.

Caleb's Scripture Bag:

I had been thinking up the design for Caleb's scripture bag for a bit before I actually made it.  I was so excited to put it together.  It was Saturday evening and I was trying to finish the last little bit before I went to bed.  I was getting tired and debated whether or not to call it a night or finish up.  I decided I had to finish because I couldn't wait for a whole week till the next Sunday for him to take his new bag with him.  So I pushed through and got it all ready.  Then next morning I was so excited to show him.  I put his Book of Mormon in along with a little hymn book that he loves to keep with him.  I also put in his scripture pencils he'd gotten from the bishop for his birthday.

I was happy to see him share in my excitement.  Then we all finished getting ready and piled into the car to head for church.  We were about a minute or two out when I turned to Caleb and said "Where is your scripture bag?"  His reply... "Aw, I forgot it!"   WHAT!?  And we were already running late. I was so excited to get it done, and I stayed up just to finish it!  Even though we were running late... I made Darren turn around so we could go back and get it :)

There are so many things I love about his bag, but my favorite part is that it's made out of Daddy's old clothes.  A dress shirt and a pair of jeans that had holes in them:

I also love the Angel Moroni on the front and his initials on the back (freezer paper stenciled... I'll share more freezer paper projects later!):

The front flap has hidden magnetic closures:

The back flap is actually a pocket:

And there's a pocket hidden on the inside as well:

Look at this stud!  When we got to church he was showing everyone his new bag.  It made me so happy to know he really does love it as much as I do!

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