Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun at a Birthday Party...

Caleb got invited to an awesome birthday party at Bricks 4 Kidz.  It was for a girl from his preschool class.  Caleb had a great time.  Tons and tons of legos... what more could a little boy wish for!?

I was excited to take him because I knew how much fun he would have, and also because I was excited for him to see his classmate, Scarlett, again.  The two of them are so cute together.

Sadly she doesn't go to the same elementary school so this is the first they've seen each other in months.  But kids are great that way.  They played as if not a day had gone by.

Lately, Caleb's been a little sensitive at times (still adjusting to full days of school and what not),  and he got really upset when a little boy took something he was playing with.  I tried consoling him with no success, but when Scarlett saw how sad he was she did everything she could to make him feel better.  She went and found some other cool pieces just for him.  He felt better after that.

I loved how they spent the majority of the time playing together.

There were so many fun activities for the kids to do.  They did scavenger hunts for candy and lego cars in the big lego tables:

On your mark, get set....


The each got to build their own mini figure.  They raced their lego cars:

They had a zip line set up for the minifigures:

(Caleb's minifigure getting ready for the ride)

And lots more fun things!  Even Claire had a good time just watching all the excitement.

(just woke up from a power nap)(feeling more awake)

When it was time for cake the birthday girl was not happy that her seat was not next to Caleb, but as the birthday girl she had a special seat in front of the birthday cake.  I thought it was cute.  That's what these two are together... cute.

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