Monday, January 18, 2010


Updates, updates, and more updates!!!

I'm getting all caught up. Check out the archives (on right) to make sure your not missing anything. I'd recommend reading everything in order (rather than from top to bottom, which is reverse chronological order). Use the archive links to help you navigate or scroll to the bottom and click 'older posts'.

Rewind: So Long Soccer...

(Nov 7th 2009)

Soccer season is officially over. It's kind of sad, but a relief at the same time. Practices were always a lot of fun, but game time was a different story.

I loved it when this happened:

(break away by Caleb)

And this:

(goal kick)

I was even satisfied with this:

(running... within some vicinity of the ball)

But more often than not, this is what was happening:

(coaches placing Caleb where he needed to be because he's too distracted to get into position)
(...before kick-offs and such, not during an actual play)

(off in la-la land)

(water breaks... whenever he felt)

My cute little soccer player. The coaches would just laugh and say, 'I bet he'll be the all star on the team in a few years.' I do look forward to next season to see how much he'll have grown.

(at least three of his teammates are missing in this picture)

So. It is time. To put the cleats away. Until next fall.

Yes, quite often it was a headache trying to get Caleb to focus, but I know he had fun. I'm reminded of a Publix commercial that always makes me laugh:

So long Soccer Season. See ya in a few.

Rewind: Happy Halloween!

(Oct 31st 2009)

I didn't really plan for Halloween this year since we dressed up in matching outfits with Darren's family at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party. So our costumes were a little last minute, but it worked out fine.

At Disney we bought Marcus this cute little Tigger onesie. We decided it was festive enough, especially with Pooh sitting next to him:

I used part of my outfit from the Halloween party:

And for Caleb... I had in mind a way to whip up a quick Dash (from the Incredibles) costume, BUT Caleb said he'd rather be a pirate. It was easy enough to pull together, but it makes me laugh. Most of his pirate costume is made up from his church clothes. He has on his church shoes, his church pants, and his white collared shirt. We just added his white "I *heart* Mom" shirt underneath, tied a bandanna around his head, a sash around his waist, put a sword in his hand, and gave him a bit of scruff:

Rewind: The Park...

(Oct 15th 2009)

There's another little park just down the street from our place. We decided to switch it up a bit today rather than go to our usual playground:

Rewind: Disney World...

(October 2009)

Darren's family came to visit so we spent a week at Disney. I'm not very good at taking pictures when we're out and about like that, but we had to get a picture of us with Lilo and Stitch, of course:

Here's a picture of Darren and Marcus getting eaten by Bruce:

And Caleb testing his driving skills:

Disney World was quite fun this year. We went to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. If you ever get a chance to go, I'd DEFINITELY recommend it. The lines to all the rides were short. Everyone was trick-or-treating. And the Villain Parade is now my favorite Disney parade.

And one other thing that made Disney fun this year is that we always got picked to participate in the different shows. Caleb got to help out with the Slapstick Studios show. Uncle Colin was chosen to help with the Backlot Tour's clip. ( I need to upload videos of these later )

Caleb also was chosen to ask a question to Crush at Turtle Talk. This is a fun show. You go in a room and sit on some benches in front of a big screen. The children gather up front and sit on the floor. Caleb wanted to sit up front with the rest of the kids so I went and sat with him. Turtle Talk is real-time animation with live conversation. He talks to that specific audience. He'll pick out volunteers from the audience to ask him questions and then answers them. As all the little kids were sitting there, bouncing up and down with their hands raised so that Crush would choose them to ask a question, I saw Caleb's hand go up. Before I could get him to put his hand down, Crush called on him. They brought the mic over so Caleb could ask his question and Caleb said, ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ." NOTHING! I knew he didn't have a question, and I didn't have a question in mind. I tried to think,'What on earth do I want to ask a sea turtle?' I decided I needed to just think of anything so that he could answer and we all could move on. I settled on the lame-o question "What's your favorite color?" and whispered to Caleb to repeat it into the mic. In response to my lame-o question, I expected a lame-o answer, but on the contrary, his response was quite entertaining. His favorite color, of course, was green. But he went on to explain why his favorite color was green. He likes green because that's the color of seaweed, a big part of his diet. And actually the seaweed is what helps give him his green color. He in return asked Caleb what he liked to eat. With a little prompting from mom we were able to answer "Chicken nuggets." Crushed laughed and said something like, "Ah, that's nice. ....but ....what's a chicken? ...........and what are it's nuggets?" Clever. Then he went on and asked Caleb if he ever gets the bubbles after eating chicken nuggets. I was a little confused and during my hesitation to answer Crush continued by saying, "Sometimes I get the bubbles," as tiny bubbles shot out of his behind. Never expected that, but it was hilarious.

Rewind: ...And Then Some

(Sept 2009)

Many happenings from UT.


Mount Timpanogos Temple:

Provo Temple:

Brick Oven:


Church History Museum:

Conference Center:

Dinner at The Mayan:



Uncle Patrick's:

Mo' Bettah Steaks:

Asa's 1st Bday:

Talent Show:

Family Pictures:

Around the house:

Rewind: More Utah...

(Sept 2009)

Caleb and his "first cousin once removed" really hit it off. Can you tell why:

Marcus was a hit too.

Logan came to visit us when Marcus was born. He must have felt a connection with him because during our trip he claimed possession over Marcus and kept calling him "MY Marcus".

Mckenna, while very shy through out our visit, has formed a special bond with Marcus also. She always asks about him and calls him on her play phone.

And of course Grandpa can't get enough of him either.