Monday, January 18, 2010

Rewind: So Long Soccer...

(Nov 7th 2009)

Soccer season is officially over. It's kind of sad, but a relief at the same time. Practices were always a lot of fun, but game time was a different story.

I loved it when this happened:

(break away by Caleb)

And this:

(goal kick)

I was even satisfied with this:

(running... within some vicinity of the ball)

But more often than not, this is what was happening:

(coaches placing Caleb where he needed to be because he's too distracted to get into position)
(...before kick-offs and such, not during an actual play)

(off in la-la land)

(water breaks... whenever he felt)

My cute little soccer player. The coaches would just laugh and say, 'I bet he'll be the all star on the team in a few years.' I do look forward to next season to see how much he'll have grown.

(at least three of his teammates are missing in this picture)

So. It is time. To put the cleats away. Until next fall.

Yes, quite often it was a headache trying to get Caleb to focus, but I know he had fun. I'm reminded of a Publix commercial that always makes me laugh:

So long Soccer Season. See ya in a few.

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