Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rewind: Calgary Zoo...

(Aug 2009)

The first thing we did after arriving in Canada was hit up the Calgary Zoo. We met Darren's dad and siblings there.

Do you see the moose?

Here's Caleb and Marcus with their cousin Owen:

My favorite part about the zoo is the giraffes...

...Or is it the Koalas...

...Or the joeys???

Seeing the grizzly-wranglers is always fun.

We saw a Daddy-wrangler too!

Just some other random pictures from the zoo:

Uncle Colin & Caleb

Grandpa Dale, Daddy, Auntie Carlie, Caleb, Uncle Colin, ...Marcus, and Mommy

Ram - Caleb

Caleb's Shadow (picture taken by Caleb)

Cousins :)

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KristenE. said... [Reply]

I Loooved that last picture of Caleb holding Marcus's hand...especially since aunty's already holding Marcus =) Such a cute big brother!