Monday, January 18, 2010

Rewind: Cruizin' the Town...

(Sept 2009)

While in Utah we rode tracks into SLC.

(Artistic photo taken by Caleb)

We walked around temple square:

We stopped by the Conference Center. But my favorite part of this venture was the Church History Museum. They had a cute little children's area with lots of fun little activities set up for the kids.

They had a little nursery/doctor's area:

A Build a Temple area with the coolest wooden blocks:

They had a dress up area with a stable and a manger. They had some coloring stations where you could make rubbings of the CTR symbol in all different languages. I can't even remember all the cute little fun things they had for the kids to do, but the Church History Museum is definitely on my list for the next time we go to Utah.

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KristenE. said... [Reply]

I like Caleb's temple =)