Monday, January 18, 2010

Rewind: Happy Halloween!

(Oct 31st 2009)

I didn't really plan for Halloween this year since we dressed up in matching outfits with Darren's family at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party. So our costumes were a little last minute, but it worked out fine.

At Disney we bought Marcus this cute little Tigger onesie. We decided it was festive enough, especially with Pooh sitting next to him:

I used part of my outfit from the Halloween party:

And for Caleb... I had in mind a way to whip up a quick Dash (from the Incredibles) costume, BUT Caleb said he'd rather be a pirate. It was easy enough to pull together, but it makes me laugh. Most of his pirate costume is made up from his church clothes. He has on his church shoes, his church pants, and his white collared shirt. We just added his white "I *heart* Mom" shirt underneath, tied a bandanna around his head, a sash around his waist, put a sword in his hand, and gave him a bit of scruff:

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Erin said... [Reply]

Caleb wears that mustache well!