Monday, January 18, 2010

Rewind: Family Pictures...

(Sept 2009)

Remember those family photos I wanted to take every month... well, needless to say it's not been happening. We are however keeping up with our biannual quota.

(Uh, yeah, the kids were a little uncooperative...)

Sadly these pictures didn't happen out of my diligence in working towards my goal. It was part of a planned shoot to get a picture with all of the Crouch Family.

This is all of my immediate family:

And this is all my extended family (on my Dad's side):

(...if I'm even using those terms correctly ["immediate" and "extended"]. Family relations are so hard to understand and explain. For example, I often use the term "second cousin" when it's actually my "first cousin once removed." This is a pretty good explanation of how your related to someone. Does it make sense when I look at the chart... of course. Will I remember correctly how I'm related to someone or be able to figure it out with having the chart in front of me...Hah, yeah right. Anyway...)

Here were a couple other pictures taken that day:

(Yes, my younger sister is really that much taller than I am.)

(Caleb and his new best friend, Brandon)

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KristenE. said... [Reply]

Your family is so beautiful. Your mom is so awesome, I trip out that she remembers Adam and myself everytime we see her =)