Monday, January 18, 2010

Rewind: Disney World...

(October 2009)

Darren's family came to visit so we spent a week at Disney. I'm not very good at taking pictures when we're out and about like that, but we had to get a picture of us with Lilo and Stitch, of course:

Here's a picture of Darren and Marcus getting eaten by Bruce:

And Caleb testing his driving skills:

Disney World was quite fun this year. We went to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. If you ever get a chance to go, I'd DEFINITELY recommend it. The lines to all the rides were short. Everyone was trick-or-treating. And the Villain Parade is now my favorite Disney parade.

And one other thing that made Disney fun this year is that we always got picked to participate in the different shows. Caleb got to help out with the Slapstick Studios show. Uncle Colin was chosen to help with the Backlot Tour's clip. ( I need to upload videos of these later )

Caleb also was chosen to ask a question to Crush at Turtle Talk. This is a fun show. You go in a room and sit on some benches in front of a big screen. The children gather up front and sit on the floor. Caleb wanted to sit up front with the rest of the kids so I went and sat with him. Turtle Talk is real-time animation with live conversation. He talks to that specific audience. He'll pick out volunteers from the audience to ask him questions and then answers them. As all the little kids were sitting there, bouncing up and down with their hands raised so that Crush would choose them to ask a question, I saw Caleb's hand go up. Before I could get him to put his hand down, Crush called on him. They brought the mic over so Caleb could ask his question and Caleb said, ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ." NOTHING! I knew he didn't have a question, and I didn't have a question in mind. I tried to think,'What on earth do I want to ask a sea turtle?' I decided I needed to just think of anything so that he could answer and we all could move on. I settled on the lame-o question "What's your favorite color?" and whispered to Caleb to repeat it into the mic. In response to my lame-o question, I expected a lame-o answer, but on the contrary, his response was quite entertaining. His favorite color, of course, was green. But he went on to explain why his favorite color was green. He likes green because that's the color of seaweed, a big part of his diet. And actually the seaweed is what helps give him his green color. He in return asked Caleb what he liked to eat. With a little prompting from mom we were able to answer "Chicken nuggets." Crushed laughed and said something like, "Ah, that's nice. ....but ....what's a chicken? ...........and what are it's nuggets?" Clever. Then he went on and asked Caleb if he ever gets the bubbles after eating chicken nuggets. I was a little confused and during my hesitation to answer Crush continued by saying, "Sometimes I get the bubbles," as tiny bubbles shot out of his behind. Never expected that, but it was hilarious.

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