Monday, September 19, 2011


Caleb called me from his room the other day and showed me how he "decorated" his room.

It kind of looks like things might just be thrown wherever, but one must know what it usually looks like to then recognize the attention he has given to each detail.

I just noticed the blue ring carefully placed on the side of the bookcase while looking at the above photo:

He stood up cards and pictures I had just sitting in a pile waiting to be put up:

(Caleb and Scarlett)

Not sure what these are, but again, carefully placed:

Notice the fire-streamer-thingies (yes, that's their technical names) draped carefully on each side:

Kids are just so dang cute.  The new things they do.  The things they learn.  The personalities that shine through.

Just last night Caleb was cleaning up the playroom.  He showed me how he sorted everything.  I mean, I'm still trying to find a permanent place fore everything, and although not everything has a home, there are certain things that go in certain places... and Caleb knows that for the most part.  But I guess what impressed me the most was that he used the word "sort,"  and then made a new home for most things.  But he definitely did sort them.  And he explained his whole process to me.   The balls go over here, and the stuffed animals go over here, and the hard things go here (there were lots that fell within that category).

He's been such a big helper lately.  He cleans with a smile on his face.  Sometimes he gets mad when you try to help him clean up.  And then, at times, he gets a taste of how mom feels, when he works so hard to clean up... and Marcus comes along... and in one fell swoop... well, you know the rest. 

C'est la vie.

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