Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'll paint for free!!!

Need a painter that's cute and will work for FREE?
Just call 555-1234!!!

(Labor is 100% FREE but you must provide paint and transportation)

...I'll bring my paint brush!

So let's get started! Call now to get this great offer!

Shown below: Sample of my detailed work. (Brush used: 2" roller; Paint used: invisible)


michelle said... [Reply]

hey, your blog is alive! cute pictures. you must be ready to pop! or did you already??

chellrie said... [Reply]

Hey Michelle, I know, I've revived my blog from the dead! Hopefully I can keep it revived. Yep I'm ready to pop... I thought I would've popped already, but this little one doesn't want to come out! My due date was the 27th, but he's still cooking. I go in on Wednesday to be induced, so by Wed. night I better have a baby in my arms or I'm going to go insane!