Monday, November 16, 2009

Rewind: Late Night Visitor...

After I'd finished baking cookies the other night, I went to the bedroom to hit the hay. Thank goodness I thought it was a bit warm that night. Normally I'd jump straight into bed, but I needed to flip on the light to find the remote for our fan. That's when I met my late night visitor... sitting on my bed. I don't know how he snuck in and found his way to my room, but there he was. I can only assume he was Roger's cousin. This LIZARD was sitting pretty on MY bed. Darren was too slow arriving to my rescue and Roger's cousin had decided to play hide and seek. I left Darren and Caleb to take care of things. It wasn't long before Caleb won the game. I have no idea how he spotted him.

The flash from the camera makes him stand out in this picture, but in the light of my bedroom he completely blends in. It's kind of funny though... out of all the places he choose to hide he choose a plant, a fake plant, but it's the closest thing to what he's used to.

Thank goodness for little observant eyes. I don't know if I could have gone to sleep if we hadn't have found him. It's one thing to have a lizard in the house, but finding him in my bed leaves me a little uneasy.

...guess I've been away from Hawaii for too long. Lizards in the house creep me out.

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