Wednesday, July 6, 2011


(April 2011)

For some reason I haven't been very good at planning for Easter the last couple of years. Luckily we did a little better this year. We actually had our egg hunt on Easter. Plus, we were able to enjoy some extra company!

On your mark...

Get set...


One of my favorite parts about Easter this year was the chocolate marshmallow eggs. We had these every Easter growing up, and it's a tradition I'm excited to continue with my kids.

I also caught some shots of the Easter Bunny!!! (These actually weren't taken on Easter. I forgot I had gotten this hat with some other hand-me-downs. I wanted to make her a cute little bunny hat and didn't get around to it, so when I rediscovered this one I took some pictures of what she would've/should've worn on Easter.)


Michelle said... [Reply]

Hi Salomons! I wanted to congratulate you on your new addition to the family. You are blessed! Hope things are going well :).

julielouisemontgomery said... [Reply]

Love the pictures! I showed Noah the last ones, and he said, "Who's that?" He figured it out and said he couldn't recognize her without her hair!