Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rewind: Visitors from Hawaii...

Lets rewind back a couple of months. Here are some pictures my mom sent me that I've been meaning to post.

Here's a picture of Caleb holding his brand new baby brother (back when Caleb needed a haircut and Marcus was still pink):

While grandma and grandpa were here, this is how we started our mornings... every morning:

Here are some shots of our crazy drivers...:

...and our silly riders:

The weather was horrible the whole time my family was here. All it did was rain, rain, RAIN! We made our way out to Orlando one day and had a little more luck with the weather.

We stopped by to see the temple and it stopped raining just long enough to get a picture in:

Of course we had to stop by Chick-Fil-A for lunch:

We also walked around Down Town Disney which was pretty fun:

We enjoyed having family here. Come visit again soon!


julielouisemontgomery said... [Reply]

Your family is so cute! I'm going to make captions for the first few pictures:
1)town center
3)avenues mall
Right? If they're right, I'll feel like a local.
Thank you for my favor!! You should definitely keep some/all!

chellrie said... [Reply]

Wow, you're good. I don't know if I could've recognized those places if I hadn't been there when the pictures were taken.
So we opened a bag, but the other two are for you. It's very delicious, I think I could eat the whole bag in one sitting, but I'm trying to save some for later :)