Sunday, September 27, 2009

I promise it's not me...

#1.) I promise this is not how I tuck my kids in at night:

Marcus likes to roll himself up into his blankets lately, and sometimes that's how he falls asleep. I do of course (after taking a picture) tuck him in properly.

I'm starting to wonder why I even lay a blanket on the floor for him to lay on. He never lays on it anymore. He's always making a little cocoon.

And the butterfly emerges...

One day this week, I set him on his blanket, walked into the kitchen to do something and then the next thing I hear are these little muffled whimpers. I looked back at him and he was so tightly rolled into his blanket and all he had were his little feet sticking out. I just couldn't believe the way he rolled himself into this neat and precise little Marcus burrito. I wish I could have grabbed the camera, but I was a little worried about his air supply so I quickly unwrapped him. He is quite the expert roller now. I've been waiting for him to learn a new trick, but I guess he's content with rolling for now.

But now you know, if you are ever wondering where Marcus is, just look under the blanket.

On another note... We're sitting in sacrament at church today and I reach down to the diaper bag to grab a baby wipe since Marcus decided it might be fun to spit up all over Daddy's tie, and I see a little something extra in my bag...

#2.) I promise this is not how I pack for church:

P.S. I still have so much catching up to do. Soon.


chellrie said... [Reply]

Yes Julie... no pictures with the new crib bedding yet. One day soon I'll have pictures up of it... I hope.

julielouisemontgomery said... [Reply]

Love the boys and love that you came so prepared to church!!