Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feeling better...

Thank you to everyone for expressing their concern for Caleb. We're going to have some blood work done next month to confirm his allergy to fire ants, and we now carry a set of Epipens with us everywhere we go.

Although there's still a small trace of the actual ant bites, I'd say he feels 100 percent better now. He even did so well at his game on Saturday. Oh yeah, I haven't even mentioned on here that he's in a soccer league now. We signed Caleb up for the community soccer league even though he's a little young. He's the youngest in the league by a whole year. They even called me offering to refund my registration if I wanted to pull him out, but I said no thank you. Yes, it's clear that he's the youngest, not just because he's shorter than everyone else (by at least a whole head), but by his lack of attention. He's easily distracted, and he easily distracts the rest of his team. I have to say though, I absolutely LOVE his coach. He always makes things fun for the kids, and does not loose patience easily. So now when I say Caleb did so well at his game on Saturday, I don't mean he scored a bunch of goals and played great defense, etc. He played so well because he actually played. He always does really good at practice, but when game time comes around... I don't know what gets into him. This was his first game that he didn't try to go play on the playground, wasn't searching for sticks, and didn't come run to me every five seconds for a drink. I was so proud of him and I'm happy he's getting the hang of things.

We also had playgroup last Friday. We decorated cookies and ate pumpkin bread. Somehow I managed not to take a single picture of Caleb or Marcus, whoops. But feel free to check out the pictures of everyone else :)


Norma said... [Reply]

Wow! He looks like a professional athlete already. And looks like he's really having a good time. Love you, grandma

A Note from Kaleo and Megan said... [Reply]

Michelle -
I am so glad your little boy is okay. I would have had a heart attack. You are such a great mom! I love your pictures!