Monday, April 19, 2010

7 going on 10 (or more)!

Marcus hasn't been feeling well the past few days. He's generally been really happy, no fever, but he won't eat and has been having major diarrhea. Poor guy. Yesterday his main outfit during church ended up being nothing but his birthday suit and a diaper. He had a little explosion that dirtied everything he was wearing including his socks!

I've been waiting for his appetite to pick up and the diarrhea to die down, but today was day five! I called the doctor and asked if I should bring him in and they said yes (I wonder if they always say yes, just to be sure and to reduce liability, and steal more of my money...anyway...). We went in to see the doctor and with in the first minute of being there she opened his mouth and I was blown away! How did I not see those gigantic teeth coming in at the back of his mouth! I wouldn't want to eat anything either if I had tender gums like that. His top molars are coming in on both sides and the doctor said his bottom ones are likely coming in too even though we can't see any swelling. She said teething can cause diarrhea (and it probably doesn't help that he doesn't eat anything and will only nurse).

It's nice to know what's going on with my baby. I feel a little silly that I didn't discover this on my own. I often look in his mouth but never pulled back his cheeks in such a way that would reveal such useful information.

Go ahead and count those pearly whites!

There's seven! But not for long. With two molars(at least) and the bottom right one soon to be peaking through, he will have quite the set of chompers. Now I just need to figure out how to get him to broaden his diet. He's seem quite apposed to anything that's not mush. Oh, if he only knew what he's missing!


Colin and Ashleigh Salomons said... [Reply]

poor guy! he's looking good with all those teeth! i hope they all poke through by the time you guys go to hawaii.
all of owens teeth came in pairs and the last 8 came in 4's. 16 teeth at the wonderful age of 13 months. i just hope he wont be needing any silvers.

julielouisemontgomery said... [Reply]

That's the smile I missed on Sunday! I hope that's a recent shot and he's feeling better now.

chellrie said... [Reply]

Wow Ash, I think Owen's got Marcus beat. We'll see though, he's still got a few months more to catch up. It must be nice to be almost done with teething. I think there must be something with these Salomons boys. All of Marcus's little friends around his age have only 0-2 teeth.

Colin and Ashleigh Salomons said... [Reply]

nancy said it is a salomons thing.
my friend beth teases me, that i wanted owen to be first at i went out and got him baby dentures so he could have more teeth then everyone else. haha!!! we took owen to the dentist a month or so ago and she said he'll probably need braces. eek!