Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am all caught up!! YES!!! Feel free to take your time reading through my million update posts... or feel free to skip over them all together. I wish I could've just skipped past doing them to finally get back to present blogging, but if I didn't do it now, it never would've happened, and all those cute pictures would've been wasted. So... let's just hope that the next time you hear from me will be sooner than two months.


Cheney's said... [Reply]

I'm so glad that I found your blog from facebook! It is so adorable...and your kids are so cute!
If you're interested in seeing my blog send a message of your email to me and I'll invite you. :)

Norma said... [Reply]

Finally!!! This is the only time I get to see my grankids. Love you all, Mom

julielouisemontgomery said... [Reply]

Wow! I think I read them all. Your dedication is more than impressive!!

KristenE. said... [Reply]

I am so excited that you and the family are coming home! Yay! Actually May 8th is perfect-- it's my b-day weekend, so Adam took the whole weekend off (usually he has to work every weekend). He can actually hang out with you guys =) Is there anything that I can do to help out with the party? Oh, and what size is Marcus?

Aaron and Jo said... [Reply]

cute posts, glad you guys are doing well. and hopefully we'll see you in august!

chellrie said... [Reply]

Yeay! I'm excited you guys are free that weekend. I'll let you know if there is anything you can do to help. Marcus right now wears 9-12 months.

You will definitely see us in August! We're already talking about who's going to watch the kids while we're in the temple.