Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rewind: Stuck...

(November 2009)

Back in September I said "[Marcus] is quite the expert roller now. I've been waiting for him to learn a new trick, but I guess he's content with rolling for now." Of course once you say something, the opposite always happens (which isn't always bad). Immediately after that post Marcus learned a new trick and perfected his scoot. (I'm trying to remember if we got that on video... I'll have to go check later). He quickly progressed from scooting to an army crawl, and by the beginning of November he was a professional crawler.

With his new method of transportation I find him in all corners of the house. One place in particular is here:

Under our dining stools...

I got a happy look for that shot, but most of the time this is what he looks like...

I don't know why he keeps crawling under there. He can never get out himself. I've seen him try to climb over the bars to escape, in which case he ends up high centered or makes it over enough to get his hands on the floor with his feet kicking in the air. I always quickly rush to the rescue (with not enough time to snap a picture... darn).

This whole thing kind of reminds me of the time where Caleb got stuck under a stool after learning how to crawl:

There wasn't enough room to stand up, but he got stuck because he didn't know how to reverse himself out of there. I think he quickly learned not to get in such situations. But Marcus on the other hand, can't keep himself away those stools. I've never seen him stand up while on the outside of the stool, only when he's underneath it. One day he'll learn. If not, I'll just rename my chairs to 'baby prison'.

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