Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rewind: The Ball Pit..

(February 2010)

Caleb has a ball pit that's never been pulled out since we last moved. I decided to just sell it since we don't use it anymore. I put it up on craigslist using a standard product image I found online. Someone emailed me back asking if I had any real pictures of it. So I pulled it out, blew it up, and threw some balls in to snap some photos.

No pictures were taken. Just video...

Needless to say I'm not selling it. The sound of those giggles are just too precious. Marcus especially loves it. I moved it into Marcus's room one day to get it out of the way and I kind of forgot about it. While working around the house I could hear some type of screaming sound coming from the other room. I thought they were screams of distress, but as I got closer, I realized they were squeals of delight. Many squeals of delight, with grinning from ear to ear, and lots of giggles. Makes me feel guilty for even thinking of getting rid of it.

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