Monday, July 12, 2010

Whoops, I forgot some...

Whoopsie! Rewind back to Oahu. (Here's some pictures I forgot. There's too many to keep track.)

Cinco de Mayo:
For Marcus's actual birthday Darren's mom made enchilada's and a special #1 cake for Marcus:

Marcus the Monkey:
Marcus refuses to be small. He'll climb and climb to get what he wants (which is something he is doing as I type). He'd love to push the chair to the window and balance on the arm rest to take a peek at the doggies.

Passing of Grandma Salomons:
While in Oahu we received the unfortunate news of the passing of Darren's paternal grandmother. We were to leave for Big Island in a few days, but Darren took a detour to Canada so he could attend his grandma's funeral and spend time with family.

(the nephews asking Uncle Darren when he'll be coming)

Alicia is the twin sister of my very dear Julie. We both had to cross the Pacific Ocean in order to meet. We were able to have lunch at Macky's (the best shrimp truck ever!) and we spent some time with her little girl so the grown-ups could jet ski.

(photo from Alicia's blog)

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