Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Brother Caleb...

Caleb is the best big brother ever. He takes such good care of Marcus. He needs to know where Marcus is at all times. He always wants to hold his hand. And he makes sure that Mama does her job at taking care of Marcus.

Yesterday I had Marcus on my lap. I was bouncing him on my knee because he was a little fussy. Caleb comes up to me and says, "Mama, I hundy. Attle jush an feeyum." Which means, "Mama, I'm hungry. Apple juice and ..." I wasn't quite sure what that last part was. I asked him to repeat himself so he said, "Attle jush an feeyum." Hmm... still couldn't figure it out. "Can you show me what you want Caleb?" He says, "FEEYUM!" and puts his finger in mouth and starts sucking. I said, "You want a finger?" What a weird request. He says no and continues to suck. "A straw?" It sure looked like he was acting out using a straw, but 'feeyum' sure does not sound like straw to me. I just couldn't figure it out, then Caleb says, "No Mama, Marcus! Feeyum!" Oooooh... Feed him. "You want me to feed Marcus?" "Yes, Ma. Feeyum!" So sweet. Watching out for his little brother. Making sure Mama's not starving him. Telling Mom how to make him stop fussing. Too cute.

It's also really cute when Caleb wants to read to Marcus. It makes me smile when he does this.


iMaLLheaRt said... [Reply]

so cute! That is just adorable!

and random question, what kind of a camera do you have? nice pictures!

chellrie said... [Reply]

Thanks. We have a Canon 30D. (I pretend I know how to use it. Darren's has way more photography skills than I.)

michelle said... [Reply]

caleb is too sweet! i want to give him a big squeeze. i have to admit i'm a little jealous. elias is pretty nice to ephraim most of the time, but his nurturing side is fairly dormant. oh well! he hugs and kisses and wants to play, but the "mothering" thing just is not quite there in him. they're born like they are, right?