Saturday, August 1, 2009


This is what you'd normally find Caleb doing.

He loves, loves, LOVES video games. He'd be completely satisfied playing games ALL day long. (And I do have to say, he is extremely talented at figuring out how to play. I mean, he's only 3 and he's almost as good as me. However, it's not the most healthiest/educating activity) I tried limiting his playing time, but with the begging and pleading all day long, I found myself giving in more than I'd wanted. But thank goodness things have started to change. We've started a system (inspired by my aunt and her kids). We use, what we call, game bucks. It's been a wonderful aid in getting Caleb to eat his meals, and actually try new foods. We use game bucks as rewards, or he can do things to earn some. The begging and pleading has gone down because he knows that if he doesn't have any game bucks... no games.

We've also had a lot of activities going on this week. We finally made it back to playgroup, we had friends over a few times, we went to the playground lots, we went to the pool... we had lots of physical/outdoor activities and less sit around the house time. It was a busy week, but a nice change. We need to keep this up!

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kayla said... [Reply]

that first photo is such a great shot! i wish we had been able to make to your house with julie, but my cough turned into a cold and now cora has it:( next time!