Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today Caleb was watching Cyberchase (pbs kids). I'm not quite sure what the episode was about, but they were on some type of secret mission to stop Hacker and his evil plans.

Caleb then requested a long list of items: backpack, sunglasses hat, sleeves (long sleeved shirt), gloves, pants, we even put socks and shoes on (which we don't normally wear around the house... actually, if you haven't noticed [which I don't know how you couldn't], but Caleb normally doesn't wear anything around the house. )

I gathered everything together but the gloves. I told him we didn't have any, but he would not drop the subject. Then I remembered I had some mittens from a couple winters back. I pulled them out and he was excited to put them on. I kind of felt bad for my poor bundled up little boy, with pants and long sleeve shirt and MITTENS right in the dead of summer. I turned the AC up because this boy is a sweater even when he's not all covered up, but he was loving it. He was crawling around, running and jumping, and doing all sorts of moves you'd do if you were on a secret mission. I kept calling him my little cyberchaser :)


julielouisemontgomery said... [Reply]

TOO cute, Michelle!

Norma said... [Reply]

My Caleb is so creative and very smart for such a young age. He's so smart just like his mom and dad.