Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Sick...

I'm sick. Let me explain...

I love my kids. They're just so cute! I can't stop taking pictures of them! And I can't tell you how hard it is choosing which pictures to post. I promise I go through them and narrow it down. I do! But even after weeding out the so-so shots there is still so many left! I just can't choose which pictures are the best... because they look so cute in all of them. That's right... I have picture-posting diarrhea.

I believe pictures are the best part of checking out a blog. But too many pictures... in a single post... is just too much. And multiple pictures of the same exact shot... eh! But, like I said, I'm sick.

You'll just have to deal with my picture-posting diarrhea until I recover from this illness. Who knows, maybe I'll be on the mend soon, or maybe it's a lingering bug. We'll see. Till then, you'll just have to look at a hundred pictures of the same shot, where they might be making just slightly a different smile than in the shot before, and you'll just have to read my mile long posts with fifty pictures and only two words. I mean, hey, I have 3 kids now! That's 3 times the cuteness! How am I supposed to choose!?!

I'm sick. But no need to send cards or flowers... just lots of comments should do ;)


Grandpa said... [Reply]

If you are sick then you better stay sick because I LOVE all the pictures. Keep it up. I love those cute kids.

Lanakila and Laryssa Barton said... [Reply]

I think I like this sickness :-) Well for you at least! I love seeing pictures, because I am missing everything they do! Love you!!!