Friday, October 7, 2011

The Park...

It's been cooling down. It's great. We actually have been having some nice park weather days. So why not go to the park? Well that's what we did.

Beautiful Claire-Marie:

Bat-Iron Caleb:

and Sidekick Robin:

As we were getting ready for the park, I asked Caleb if he could grab some clothes for Marcus. I was a little bothered by the combination that he choose (red shirt, blue shorts... well, they do both have yellow. But still. Not that clothes have to be matchy-matchy, but I just wasn't a fan of those two items together). But my lack of fondness quickly changed when I saw what Caleb had picked out for himself. Even though Marcus' shirt and shorts weren't a pair, he and his brother were.

And here's another pair (and these don't usually make it together often... example 1 and example 2):

But I guess super heroes don't need shoes:

Because super heroes fly, not walk:

================[ the rest of my picture-posting illness ]================

(Caleb eating dinner... of course not sitting down)


("Take that!")

(Cindercaleb has lost his {rubber} slipper)


(Claire having fun on the swing)


(Caleb can always make friends with anyone, anywhere)


(The always adorable Mar-Mar)

(The End)


Grandpa said... [Reply]

They are my super heroes!!!

Lanakila and Laryssa Barton said... [Reply]

I was wondering how Marcus was swinging so high and you were still able to take pictures...Darren was there :-)