Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Claire-Marie is a champ when it comes to eating.  So far she loves everything I've offered her.  She'll even eat peas... even the left overs pulled straight out of the fridge without warming it up.  I hope that's foreshadowing easier mealtimes in my future!   I already have enough picky eaters.

Yes, this girl loves to eat.  When I feed her she acts as if she hasn't had a meal in days!

And when she's done, I feel like she's still begging for more!



We were watching TV the other day and I thought, "Hey, Caleb has that same shirt!"   Funny.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Walk in the Rain...

It was an overcast day.  It'd been sprinkling here and there.  Then the rain really started coming down.  As it started to pour Marcus ran up to me.  I thought I would hear the words, "That's scary," but instead I heard, "I want walk."  Puzzled I repeated what he said, "You want to go for a walk??? Outside??? In the rain???" Yes, of course! 

We're very coordinating today.  Blue and red jacket...

With TWO blue and red slippers...

A complete outfit...

Of course, in our house, pants are not necessary for a complete outfit.  If you haven't heard me say this before, it's because we like to live green.  We like to conserve our resources by producing less laundry :)  Yes.  That's it.

Nevertheless, it was a pleasant little walk in the rain with my sweet little boy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Park...

It's been cooling down. It's great. We actually have been having some nice park weather days. So why not go to the park? Well that's what we did.

Beautiful Claire-Marie:

Bat-Iron Caleb:

and Sidekick Robin:

As we were getting ready for the park, I asked Caleb if he could grab some clothes for Marcus. I was a little bothered by the combination that he choose (red shirt, blue shorts... well, they do both have yellow. But still. Not that clothes have to be matchy-matchy, but I just wasn't a fan of those two items together). But my lack of fondness quickly changed when I saw what Caleb had picked out for himself. Even though Marcus' shirt and shorts weren't a pair, he and his brother were.

And here's another pair (and these don't usually make it together often... example 1 and example 2):

But I guess super heroes don't need shoes:

Because super heroes fly, not walk:

================[ the rest of my picture-posting illness ]================

(Caleb eating dinner... of course not sitting down)


("Take that!")

(Cindercaleb has lost his {rubber} slipper)


(Claire having fun on the swing)


(Caleb can always make friends with anyone, anywhere)


(The always adorable Mar-Mar)

(The End)

I'm Sick...

I'm sick. Let me explain...

I love my kids. They're just so cute! I can't stop taking pictures of them! And I can't tell you how hard it is choosing which pictures to post. I promise I go through them and narrow it down. I do! But even after weeding out the so-so shots there is still so many left! I just can't choose which pictures are the best... because they look so cute in all of them. That's right... I have picture-posting diarrhea.

I believe pictures are the best part of checking out a blog. But too many pictures... in a single post... is just too much. And multiple pictures of the same exact shot... eh! But, like I said, I'm sick.

You'll just have to deal with my picture-posting diarrhea until I recover from this illness. Who knows, maybe I'll be on the mend soon, or maybe it's a lingering bug. We'll see. Till then, you'll just have to look at a hundred pictures of the same shot, where they might be making just slightly a different smile than in the shot before, and you'll just have to read my mile long posts with fifty pictures and only two words. I mean, hey, I have 3 kids now! That's 3 times the cuteness! How am I supposed to choose!?!

I'm sick. But no need to send cards or flowers... just lots of comments should do ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Other Morning...

Marcus woke up and pulled up his pillow and blanket on the living room floor to watch some "buh-bouse" (i.e. "clubhouse"... or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). When Caleb woke up he asked Marcus if he could snuggle next to him. Marcus agreed and then Mom proceeded to tell the boys how cute they were snuggled there together. Caleb says, "Take a picture, take a picture!" Which of course is exactly what I was thinking of doing, but was talking myself out of because I knew once I got the camera out that Marcus would not cooperate:

Yeah, that's what I thought.  That's okay though.  I got some sweet smiles from the cooperative son:

And he found someone else to snuggle with:

So the morning continued on.  I was in the bathroom trying to get ready for the day when Marcus comes running in yelling "Triangle!  Mom, Look!  Triangle!" (Well, that's what it translates to).  He held up his poptart and again says, "Look!  Triangle!"

(See, uncooperative...)

I was so shocked, not only that he knew what a triangle was, but that he was smart enough to make his poptart into a triangle (or at least recognize it when it got to that point, whether he made it that way purposely or not).

I've found out since then that he knows more shapes too.  He also knows some colors as well.  I guess all that "buh-bouse" is paying off.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Wants to Run...

I said to a friend the other day that Claire-Marie is 5 1/2 months going on 2 years!  This little girl can NOT slow down and is anxious to grow up!  Here's a trick she learned a couple of weeks ago:

That's right, my baby can stand! ...and she's not even 6 months yet!  So crazy!  What's next?  Is she going to want to date now too!?

Some one please tell her to stop growing up!

Well, I do enjoy walking in her room in the morning and seeing this:

I guess my little ones just don't want to stay little. What's a mama to do?